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Free Info Manual Online?

This website is a manual of providing you instant information on your subject.

You can see the information by navigating to the appropiate page. 

Where these info ads/links come from?

All links or ads in this entire site and especially in the INfo pages are either supplied by the advertisers or by webmaster.

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Displaying ur website on info pages

If  u see a info page with a category that suites ur site.

You can apply for a link and description on that page for only $1.00 per month

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Advertising on other pages and banners

If you want to put ur banners or links on other pages than info pages then the rate is:


 1 year , Home page, 2 text link , 1 banner                                           $25.00/year

 1 month, Home, 3 info pages, 1 text link each, 1 banner on any 2          $7.00/month

 1 year all info pages home page, 2 text link each, 1 banner each            $80.50/year

 3 years, all pages, 2 banners, 5 textlinks                                              $700.00/ 3 years

  2 years, all pages, 6 links, 2 banners, message to heading                    $1000/2year

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